Broadway Dance Fitness

Broadway Dance Fitness

Broadway Dance Fitness

Everyone deserves to feel confident, take time for themselves & do something they love in order to get fit!

While using top hats, boas, etc. with songs from popular Broadway shows, our team teaches in a safe, non-judgemental environment for people of all ages, shapes & sizes. Simple 32 counts of choreography taught first at half tempo, is broken down so everyone can participate. 

We don’t take things too seriously & love to have a laugh & fun in all of our classes!

Ever wanted to be center stage or even in the background, come dance like no one is watching. The class includes many different musical styles from various shows and films allowing you to get the full show biz experience in only an hour. Each week the choreography is new. 

Be a Broadway star, take a leading role, embrace a different character with every single track and perform at your best within your comfort zone!

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