Armanen Runes

Armanen Runes

Armanen Runes

Runes are Symbols on Many Levels

First, they carry a number that defines their position within the symbolism as a whole. A RUNIC NUMEROLOGY has emerged from this connection. Using this Runic numerology in combination with a RUNIC ASTROLOGY, you can find out which creative energies, or PERSONAL RUNES, exert the most dominant impact upon your present life. 

Second, each Rune is a symbol. You can draw or visualize this symbol. Each Runic symbol gives you access to the specific power of the Creative Realm it represents. The graphic symbols of the Runes connect with the WORLD CRYSTAL. They are representatives of the creative energies of the world crystal. The symbol of the world crystal is the hexagon with the three inscribed diameters. If you look at a regular quartz crystal from the top you will see this structure. Each Rune fits neatly into this symbol of the world crystal. 

Next, each Rune naturally connects with a MANTRA, OR WORD OF POWER. You can use this mantra to bring the power of the corresponding Rune into manifestation. You can use the RAD 2000 RU or RAD 2400 HD RU to generate Rune Mantras and to use these mantras for manifestation on all levels.

Each Rune and combination of Runes does also connect with SPECIFIC SOUND FREQUENCIES. These frequencies are useful for healing, chakra balancing, and many other psychic practices. In the Rune Master Radionics Program, you can make use of these very special Runic sounds with their EIGHTEEN TONES IN THE OCTAVE and you will naturally learn to cherish them!

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