A Introduction to Astrology

A Introduction to Astrology

A Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is a complex study. It has ancient origins and is still evolving and developing. It takes several years of study to become a competent astrologer and the subject is so large that it would be impossible to understand every aspect of it in a single lifetime.

People are often introduced to astrology by reading star sign columns in newspapers and magazines. These vary enormously in quality and the comments made in them have to be very general because they are only based on one piece of data - the sign of the zodiac occupied by the Sun on a particular day of the year. Astrology is capable of giving much deeper insight but to do this requires a complete set of birth data - the day, month, year and time of birth (to nearest minute) together with place of birth on Earth (latitude and longitude). This information allows a full horoscope to be calculated. 

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