Breema & The Nine Principles of Harmony

Breema & The Nine Principles of Harmony

Breema & The Nine Principles of Harmony

Breema is a teaching of the heart, an expression of the unifying principle of Existence. Its purpose is to create harmony and balance between your mind, feelings, and body, and in your relationship to yourself, to others, and to all life.

Breema and Self-Breema exercises express the Nine Principles of Harmony upon which they are based. These principles are distilled from a profound understanding of the universal laws that govern life, and consequently, the body, its health, and its relationship to the energetic and physical aspects of the universe. The philosophy of Breema is derived from these same laws. While, in its scope, it takes into consideration the four levels of Existence: matter, energy, Consciousness, and Awareness, and their interrelationships and essential unity, Breema is ultimately practical, and asks its students to take nothing on faith, but to accept as truth only that which they are able to verify for themselves.

The very best introduction to Breema is through a direct experience. We hope you will find an opportunity to receive Breema bodywork from one of the many Certified Breema Practitioners around the world, and also to experience first-hand how nurturing it is to participate in a Breema class or workshop, where you can learn to do Self-Breema exercises and Breema bodywork.

You will find the format and atmosphere of every Breema class welcoming, and particularly helpful in assimilating the Nine Principles of Harmony and the bodywork and exercises in a natural and enjoyable way. Breema's philosophy and principles are totally practical and can support us not only while practicing Self-Breema exercises and Breema bodywork, but also in every activity in life.

In our classes and workshops, students gain a first-hand, experiential connection to the Nine Principles, which enables them to practice the simple Breema partner sequences with others to their own—and the recipient’s—mutual benefit.

No prior experience is necessary, nor does one need great physical dexterity or flexibility. Each bodywork sequence can be adapted to suit the condition of both the practitioner and the recipient.

Receiving a Breema session is nurturing, relaxing, and enlivening. Lying down fully clothed on a padded floor, you experience the atmosphere that results from the practitioner's every touch and movement being guided by Breema’s Nine Universal Principles of Harmony.

Receiving Breema provides a strong experience of safety and well-being, and a tangible feeling of physical, mental, and emotional relief—one often feels a sense of security because of the way Breema connects us to an overarching universal harmony.

Other very common experiences resulting from receiving even a very short Breema session include lessened pain, increased flexibility, decreased anxiety and worry, and more energy. There is often the sense that "this is the way life is supposed to feel!"

Breema is adapted to suit each recipient's body, so the treatments are always done without any use of force, and therefore are safe and nurturing.

The Nine Principles

Body Comfortable

The first principle of Breema is Body Comfortable. Take a few breaths, and experience that your body is breathing, and that your body has weight. Almost immediately you can experience the refreshment of becoming available to yourself and to your immediate situation. Real comfort is a dimension of Consciousness where everything is working in harmony with our Timeless nature.

No Extra

We exist as a part of the whole of Existence, in perfect harmony with the whole. To express our true nature, nothing extra is needed. When our Being is participating, we are able to accept our thoughts and feelings because they no longer hide our true nature or keep us from living life in harmony with Existence.

Firmness and Gentleness Firmness and gentleness are never separate. They complement each other. In Firmness and Gentleness we can find the possibility of harmonizing our mental and emotional activity, so that they can support each other. Firmness comes from the knowledge that “there is a body.” Gentleness comes from the presence of our natural feelings which, nonverbally, express gratitude for being alive. When we are present, the body naturally manifests firmness and gentleness.

Full Participation

The most natural way of moving and living is with full participation. Full participation is possible when body, mind, and feelings are united in a common aim. When the mind and feelings participate fully in the activity of the body, they are free from associative thoughts and reactions and we can let go of imaginary separation. The taste we receive of full participation is the taste of a unified presence.

Mutual Support

Any time you give support, Mutual Support is taking place, because you are receiving support simultaneously. When you are in a position to give support, it is because you have been supported to be in that position. At any moment you manifest in harmony with your understanding, in harmony with your Conscience, in harmony with your True nature, you are being supported.


No Judgment

Our thinking mind is incapable of comprehending the timeless nature of reality. The mind thinks in concepts, imagining everything to be outside of itself. That is the root of our judgmental attitude toward life. The present is the domain of our Being, not of our mind. Through being present and actualizing the principle of No Judgment, an atmosphere of acceptance is created. Touching another body in this nonjudgmental way can show us that we are not separate from anything in the universe.

Single Moment/Single Activity When you are present, there is a single moment. Your receptivity to the moment becomes a single activity. In the absence of thought and feelings, you enter into the present, and there is one moment and one activity.

No Hurry/No Pause

Through connection to the body, we enter the present. Our Being participates, without hurry or pause, and our rhythm is the rhythm of Existence. Our movements and activities are in harmony with the natural flow of life energy.


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