Gabriela P. Łucejko

Dancing Professional & Instructor

Gabriela grew up in Eastern Europe where both of her parents were theatre actors with a strong musical background. As a teenager she came to New York City where she took her first Oriental Dance classes. She went on to study with the best teachers both American and Middle Eastern. She became a professional dancer performing at local Arabic restaurants and private events in Tri-state area, festivals and cultural events. The love of the dance, and the rich culture behind it, made her travel to North African and Middle Eastern countries. After almost 20 years in the U.S. she went back to her hometown and was teaching there, organizing her own dance events. Her deep spiritual practice and esoteric studies helped develop a special holistic approach to the dance with focus on feminine energy and creativity. She is now living in Sedona working with the natural energy of the sacred land to empower the ancient feminine art form and help other women do the same.

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