Transformational Breath Journey: Open the door to inner healing

Transformational Breath Journey: Open the door to inner healing

Transformational Breath Journey: Open the door to inner healing

We are excited to welcome Christopher Lambert to the Emerald Waves Team. "I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life, just like anyone else. I woke up in 2018 or at least started to, waking up is a process. Leading up to that was a really hard time in my life and it was all self-imposed, I had a lot of bad habits and toxic relationships, I was ashamed of the way I was living and had finally had enough, I hit my rock bottom… Hitting rock bottom was an amazing stroke of luck, the best thing about rock bottom is the rock part. You discover the solid bit of you, the bit that cannot be broken down further. At our lowest we find the solid ground of our foundation and we have a chance to build ourselves anew, and this is exactly what I did. I had a lot of help from source, the universe, God- (whatever you want to call it) I was guided, and for the first time in my life I was fully awake and aware. With my new mindset came an intense addiction to personal development and self-discovery. I started meditating, I changed my eating habits, I started going to the gym, journaling, reading and listening to my intuition. I started to really focus all of my attention on my mindset, my vibration, my emotions, and my goals. My toxic relationships fell away, the dead-end job that I was trapped in- ended, my financial troubles disappeared, I found gratitude for the present moment. During this time of healing, I found breathwork and I was completely blown away. I began with Wim Hof and that was amazing! Wim Hof is like the gate way drug of breathwork, it led me to see what else was out there. Eventually my research led me to transformational breathwork. The first time I tried it, I had such a massive emotional release. I experienced so much healing that I knew that I had to be a part of this movement and share this powerful medicine with the world. Soon after this experience, I enrolled in Breath Master courses and learned everything I could about breathwork. I was obsessed and driven- breathwork became my passion. Since becoming certified, I have helped so many people heal themselves and I’m just getting started. I'm so excited about this work and I can’t wait to see what breathwork can do for you! Come join Chris Sunday at 12pm for his Transformational Breathwork Journey: Open the door to inner healing.

June 23 12-1:30pm 90 Bell Rock Plaza.

1st and 3rd Sunday of every month 12pm-1:30pm at our Sedona location. 


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