Emerald Waves events this week and/or every week:
Herbal Health Hour: Every other Monday at 7pm Starting September 10th:

September 10 Taming the Troubled Tummy – will repeat again soon.

September 24 There is a Cure for the Common Cold and Flu

October 8 Introduction to Emotional Anatomy Part I

October 22 Introduction to Emotional Anatomy Part II

November 12 Muscle Response Training

November 26 Candida Albicans – The Fungus Among Us

December 10 Energetics and Aromatherapy

January 14 Inflammation

January 28 Allergy and Sinus Relief

You can attend all, one or as many as you would like.


Drum Circle Sunday, September 30 at 6pm – every month on the last day of the month 🙂

Come drum with us. Celebrate life, music and more. You do not need to know what you are doing or even have a drum. Just come and have fun. This will be led by Lance Morris.
Lance is an Assiniboine Sioux from the Assiniboine Sioux Indian Reservation in Montana. The Assiniboine people (traditional name Nakoda people) moved west from Lake Winnipeg, Canada to the high plains of Saskatchewan-Montana, Canada and Montana. There are eight Nakoda bands in Canada and three in Montana. One of the Montana bands are the Wadopana Nakoda. Wadopana means Canoe Paddler and his people live on the Assiniboine & Sioux Reservation in Northeast Montana in the Missouri River county. Wahukaza (Lance Morris. Dakota), a Traditional Eagle Staff Carrier and Chiefs Representative, offers blessings and is creating, behind Emerald Waves Healing, a Sacred stone Medicine Wheel for the Healing Path Earth walk at Emerald Waves. Gathering of sacred stones from ancient places, sacred sites and Holy Grounds helps people to heal with sacred hoops of creation. Healing knowledge of his ancient people is part of and within The Sacred Hoops, The Medicine Wheel and the Cream Catcher. Life is a circle and is also a Sacred Hoop for all life is a sacred gift. To be spiritually born, live our life and return to the spirit world is a Sacred Hoop. Sacred Hoops teach many things such as to live life as a good and just person, the chose the right in everything we do and, the most important, to learn with love. All of us at Emerald Waves are honored to be able to serve as the location for such significant contributions to the community and have Lance here to offer types of healing for all.



Sip and Shop September 15 at 5pm

Emerald Waves is hosting a wine tasting/buying event! Our wine guide Martika with Traveling Vineyard is coming over and bringing some amazing new wines! We will be sampling 5 wines they have made exclusively from harvested grapes around the world, food pairing, learning some fun cool things about these wines and why they don’t give most people hangovers or allergic reactions and more!


1. BE ON TIME. We are pouring the first wine at 5:00 pm SHARP and if you miss the first wine you have to wait until the end to taste ANY of them.

2. We are limited to 18 wine buying supportive guests so be sure to RSVP right away to reserve your glass. The first 18 to RSVP ‘yes’ will be guaranteed a seat. If we fill up fast, I will have a cancellation list going in case a spot opens up.

3. No one under 21 is permitted. So PLEASE get a babysitter for the evening as alcohol regulations state this is non negotiable.

If you would like to talk to contact Martika for questions about the wines or having your own event: martikacabezas@yahoo.com You can also check out her website: wineguide.life/findthewineyoulove



Sunday September 16 at 3pm (yes, the day after the wine tasting)



Saturday, October 6 at 11:15am

There is so much more to oils than if they smell pretty. The aroma from many oils can have health and wellness benefits. Come learn what oils are best for what situations and even great blends to help with many issues such as sleep, mood, concentration and more. Class is $10


Flower Essences Class

Saturday October 20 at 11:15am

Learn all about Flower essences including how to make them, the many uses and the reasons behind this craft. Class $10


Music TBD

Drop by Emerald Waves and listen to Lance Morris play traditional music from the Sioux Tribe. He will be playing the drum, flute and singing. Donations are appreciated. Proceeds will go towards the Medicine Wheel and Dream Catcher that are being built by Lance behind the center.



Mondays at 6pm

Fridays at 10am

Tuesdays at 10am & 6pm, Wednesdays at 1pm, Thursdays at 10am & 6pm, Saturdays at 10am

Coming soon KIDS YOGA

New Meditation Class Wednesdays at 6pm – Not your average meditation class. This one is for cool people 🙂

Healing exchanges/drop ins Fridays 5-7pm – stop in and check out several different forms of healing including Reiki, Breema and other various forms.

Thursdays at 5:30pm later in August but make sure to please call and register for the class.

Plus call to schedule your individual care for massages, reiki, ear candling and so much more.