Kansa Wand:

Kansa came about in the bronze age in India—where they were able to get temperatures high enough to forge copper and aluminum. The Kansa (the metal used in Kansa wands) is called the “bell metal” because bells—and Tibetan gongs—are made out of this same material. What is so magical about this metal is its ability to balance pH. Historically, people ate their meals on a Kansa plate to help make the digestion easier and reduce the acid content in the food. They drank their water from Kansa cups because it was almost like a water filtration system—it would remove the acid content from the water. Eventually, they found incredible health benefits by applying the metal directly to the skin as well.

Because of the metal’s alkaline properties, touching it to your skin will help balance your skin’s pH. Skin that is high in acid content or just general imbalance can cause sensitivity, premature aging, wrinkles, inflammation or acne. As a result, using a Kansa wand can keep those issues at bay. This is why it is excellent for the face. Additionally, massaging the skin with the Kansa wand helps to remove built-up toxins in the lymph nodes by draining them out, hence why it is very good for the feet (may even turn your feet black). A Kansa wand balances your pH naturally—helping your skin texture, aging, etcetera—and massage reduces puffiness and brings out that glow from the renewed oxygenated blood. 

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