Dr. Christine Dargon

Owner, Coach, Yoga Instructor (200 E-RYT/500-RYT), Certified BFR trainer and Founder with B3, Ztyo Scan Analyst, Meditation Guide, Reiki II practitioner, Pilates Instructor, Yin Yoga Instructor, Breema Body-work Practitioner & Self-Breema Instructor, Yoga with weights and/or HIIT Instructor & Empath

Our Approach

Dr. Christine Dargon received her doctoral degree in counseling psychology in 1999. After spending over 20 years working in the mental health field, she was frustrated with the increasing use of medications and the decreasing usage of alternative approaches to helping people.

As a result of this, she retired from the mental health field and for years now has been coaching clients, working as a professor for two universities and traveling all over North America training professionals, parents and care takers, in ways to help people by other means first rather than jumping right to medication.

This is the foundation for Emerald Waves. The goal is to provide affordable services to help people improve their lives, feel better, reduce stress and even just put a smile on their faces while doing so economically, enabling most people to access these services.

As a result of this passionate pursuit, Dr. Dargon offers coaching, guided meditation, sand tray practice, yoga, Breema body work, Kansa (Ayurvedic) wand massage, needleless acupuncture, crystal healing, Reiki & more. She works with individuals of all ages, including children.

Meet The Emerald Waves’ Team

With a wide variety of gifts, talents and skills, the team at Emerald Waves can provide virtually all services. We also want you to have that personal touch and get to know the people with whom you will be working. Please continue to scroll down to meet all of the practitioners and the services they offer.

Thank you,

Dr. Dargon

Gabriela Lucejko

Oriental and Holistic Dance teacher, Belly Dance teacher
Gabriela studied American Cabaret Style in New York City since the 90′. She also studied Egyptian and Lebanese Dance traveling through the Middle East and North Africa. She offers Holistic Dance, Chakra work, Creativity, Expression, Artistry, Body Ensoulment, energy work through movement, Musicality, Feminine Energy and Kundalini. She is the choreographer and director of her own group and a dance event’s organizer recently in Eastern Europe. Her classes are multilevel and open to all.

Christina Gordon

Aerial Artist and Instructor in Training, Co-Owner of Sedona Gold Menus

JP Lomeo
Reconnective Healing ®
The Reconnection®
Giampaolo (JP) Lomeo is a “Reconnection Certified Practitioner” and a “Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner”.
Reconnective Healing® is a powerful new spectrum of healing frequencies Composed of Energy, Light and Information. It has been shown to restructure our DNA. It reconnects us directly to the Universal Life Force, which restores balance to the body’s electromagnetic field. Return to balance can allow spontaneous healings: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
The Reconnection® is an accelerated infusion of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. It’s done in two sessions. It also reconnects the Ley lines of the planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the Universal Energy grid, resulting in a permanent connection and influx of Light. You are choosing to access all the knowing from your past and future lives. It is a life transforming experience. The personal Reconnection is for advancing your spiritual evolution onto the “fast track”.
JP would consider it a great honor to facilitate your Reconnective Healing® session and/or your personal Reconnection®, and to be the catalyst for bringing these new Frequencies of Light, Energy and information to transform your life. Reconnective healing can be done in person or via distance healing, anywhere in the world. The Reconnection must be done in person.
Benefits of Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®:
Accelerate spiritual evolution and expand Consciousness.
Balance Chakras and Energy body
Release Physical, Emotional & Spiritual limitations
Detoxify & Clear Blocks in Mind, Body & Spirit
Induce healing on multiple levels.
Reconnect with your Multidimensional self.
Increase Synchronicities & Manifestation
Increase Intuition & Psychic potential!
Access all your “Knowing” from past & future lives!
Re-download the Original, un-corrupted energetic blueprint.
Client testimonials:
“…JP is a clear, open channel who easily receives these healing energies. I have over 35 years’ experience in various healing modalities and trainings. By far, JP is the best I’ve met to date! He also has an open, warm and sincere spirit and will give you his very best every time. I have had healing sessions and the RECONNECTION work with him. I feel confident and safe in his healing hands.”
Kelli E., Ph.D., Sedona
“I feel as if a great load has been lifted and I can begin to just be and continue on my path. JP is a very caring Healer and his passion about this work is very evident! Simply Awesome!!!!!”
Roseann P., Belleville PA
For additional information, please go to: or call JP 928-301-6298
Fees (VOC only)
Reconnective Healing Session:
30 minutes = $ 77
45 minutes = $ 111
60 minutes = $ 166
The personal Reconnection (includes two 60-minute sessions) = always $ 333
I only require a massage table & a rolling stool in the room. I would of course prefer if appointments could be scheduled a day or more ahead of time, but I can also be on call and be available (usually within a couple of hours) for walk-in’s sessions from 1:00 pm till closing time on most weekdays and many weekends (except as otherwise booked or unavailable, which I will notify you of a week in advance when possible).
Blessings & thank you.

Matt Grenier

Muti-Disciplinary Healer

Matt is a multi-dimensional healer using breath, energy, sound, light and more in order to connect with people’s souls to enact the healing and change needed.
Matt has been on his own journey of self-discovery which helps him connect and lead people towards their own healing journey’s.
He will be offering a class on Meditation and Mindfulness.
Matt also offers aerial sound baths for the Full Moons at the Sedona location.
Alexxis Cordova
Pole Fitness Instructor, 200-RYT yoga instructor, Gong player and Sound Bath practitioner
Alexxis is a tantra embodiment mentor, artist, and student of clinical herbalism. She offers one on one work for souls seeking to dive deeper into their divine feminine essence, release trauma, reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies and the earth.
Her pole dance and kundalini yoga classes are open to all levels. She holds new moon and full moon sound baths monthly for intention setting, energy clearing, and reconnecting to your soul’s journey.

Laurel Lee

Divine Channel for Archangel Holy Amethyst

Laurel Lee is a Divine Channel for Archangel Holy Amethyst . She is a former clinical trauma therapist turned spiritual healer and way-shower. She began channeling Archangel Holy Amethyst in 2020. Divine Alchemy is Holy Amethyst’s superpower; often her high frequency alone helps her clients move from painful resonance with traumas, griefs and ugly beliefs to lighter, more harmonious, divinely aligned ones. Holy Amethyst works intimately with Christ Consciousness, Guan Yin, Archangel Michael and other Heavenly Spiritual Masters to deliver meaningful, profound, and actionable insights. All intuitive messages are delivered in love and for the highest good of all involved.

Beth Franklin

Massage Therapist, 200-RYT Yoga Instructor

Beth Franklin comes to Emerald Waves practice through her own experience in working to heal from fibromyalgia and being a children’s mental health coach for five years at Jackson County Mental Health in Medford, Oregon (2006-2011).  She has also worked as a contractor in youth and family coach.  In the mental health field, Beth has studied Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Dr. John Taylor’s “Sensory Diet” and Dr. Bruce Perry’’s  “Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics.”   Based on these and other studies, Beth led courses designed to improve children’s well-being using sensory skills, guided imagery, mindfulness and yoga as stress regulation tools for both stimulation and relaxation.

Following work in the mental health field, Beth has been inspired to learn healing touch (National Healing Touch Professionals Association, Level II practitioner), and massage therapy.  She has become a Colorado and Arizona Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist.  She graduated from the Fort Collins, CO, Healing Arts Institute (HAI) with 600 hours of Massage therapy and practical application in February, 2015.  She was immediately hired by the (HAI) clinic and worked as clinician during the summer of 2015.  A love in her life and a passion for the high desert country brought her to Rimrock, AZ.  She continued developing skills with Myofascial Release coursework offered by the John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Treatment Center in Sedona, AZ.  She currently offers massage and beginning  gentle yoga instruction.  Beth has developed a passion for empowering others to heal and sustain wellness of the body, mind, and spirit.  She has experienced a synergistic effect of these practices – and is excited to help empower people to heal and sustain wellness!

Beth loves the outdoors and finds the Colorado Plateau country to be the landscape of her heart.   She enjoys playing with her two boys, gardening, cooking, hiking, camping, and listening to her cat purr.  She may also be sighted at the Beaver Creek Library.

Additional Team Members

In addition to the core Team Members, we have practitioners who offer:


Animal Spirit Guidance


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Our Story

People often ask what inspired the name. Growing up, my family traveled every year to a place called Emerald Isle, NC. As I got older I often went 2, 3 and even 4 times a year to this beautiful serene spot. This was my happily place. Sitting on the beach and listening to the waves could bring me such peace, but also stir up emotions that were longing to be addressed. When I realized this, and the fact that Emeralds have healing properties, and waves have many significant meanings, the name just came together.

So welcome to Emerald Waves. This is my happy place in AZ and I hope that it will become yours as well. It is such a great resource right here in Rimrock, AZ creating so many new and affordable options in the Verde Valley of Arizona, only 20+ minutes outside of Sedona, AZ.

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