Siri Corretjer

Posted By emeraldwaveshealing on Jul 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Ear Candling in Sedona

My name is Siri, and I am offering the ancient healing practice of ear coning. Ear coning has been used for centuries by many communities around the world. The way the method works is the candle is geometrically shaped to blow smoke into your ear. It travels down your ear canal until it can no longer go any further. It gets sucked back up into the candle with everything it carries with it. This can be excess wax, candida, yeast, debris and bugs. 🙂 Ear coning is known to benefit your hearing, health of your ears, sinuses, throat, mental clarity, treats headaches and flus. It is a very relaxing experience and most people fall asleep right after. I use soy candles so they are vegan friendly :). I have regular, lavender, or herbal blend (strengthens immune system) candles.
I am a certified herbalist. In my free time I love to be in nature with my doggy Orisha or being creative and working on my Neon art (I bend glass). I look forward to meeting and servicing the community!

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