Sharon Wood

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Sharon Wood is a Career & Resiliency Coach who believes that we all have an innate ability to overcome trauma and learn from those experiences that shape us into the higher versions of ourselves. She teaches that we all have a direct and absolute connection to Source, which guides us.

She has helped many women awaken the star within themselves so they can play the leading role in their life. Women who work with her gain confidence and get the recognition they deserve, all while not caring what anyone else thinks! Her unique talent is assisting clients in breaking old patterns and releasing limiting beliefs at a cellular and subconscious level!

She utilizes her many modalities, knowledge of energetics and inner wisdom to assist her clients in creating the dream career they deserve! She offers one time intervention sessions, group coaching, and 1:1 private breakthrough transformational coaching.

Sharon is an Akashic Oracle, Certified Master Practitioner of Evolved Nero Linguistic Programming, Quantum Change Process, Quantum Time Release, and Reiki Master.

Oracle Reading

In this Reading You are shown how to connect into your Source and Soul. The Akashic Records are consulted so that you can see your inquiry from a higher perspective. The map is not the terrain. The answer to the question of how best might you move through your current life circumstance is answered.

Quantum Time Release

The Quantum Time Release is a highly effective intervention tool used to release negative emotions and limiting decisions.

In this session we use time in a spirit of co creation with will power and volition to consciously and subconsciously achieve specific and desired outcomes.

There are experiences from the past that hold a negative charge. When it comes to time in the past we have the opportunity to clear up the past. The goal with clearing emotional baggage and the charge it has on negative memories, is to find the lessons that we missed at an earlier time and move on from there.

Quantum Change Process

The Quantum Change Process is a highly transformational technique that identifies and releases past experiences, emotional issues, obstacles, and blockages so that you may move forward with your life as intended. It uses Applied + Behavioral Kinesiology to map out consciousness so that you can restore peace, emotional balance, physical and mental well being, and life energy.


For real change to happen in life you must do three things. Clear the past, focus on what you want as you look to the future, and take authentic action in the now.

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