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JP Lomeo

Reconnective Healing ®

The Reconnection®

Giampaolo (JP) Lomeo is a “Reconnection Certified Practitioner” and a  “Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner”.

Reconnective Healing® is a powerful new spectrum of healing frequencies  Composed of Energy, Light and Information. It has been shown to restructure our  DNA. It reconnects us directly to the Universal Life Force, which restores balance  to the body’s electromagnetic field. Return to balance can allow spontaneous  healings: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Reconnection® is an accelerated infusion of the Reconnective Healing  Frequencies. It’s done in two sessions. It also reconnects the Ley lines of the  planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the Universal Energy grid,  resulting in a permanent connection and influx of Light. You are choosing to  access all the knowing from your past and future lives. It is a life transforming  experience. The personal Reconnection is for advancing your spiritual evolution  onto the “fast track”.

JP would consider it a great honor to facilitate your Reconnective Healing®  session and/or your personal Reconnection®, and to be the catalyst for  bringing these new Frequencies of Light, Energy and information to transform  your life. Reconnective healing can be done in person or via distance healing,  anywhere in the world. The Reconnection must be done in person.

Benefits of Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®:

  • Accelerate spiritual evolution and expand Consciousness
  • Balance Chakras and Energy body
  • Release Physical, Emotional & Spiritual limitations
  • Detoxify & Clear Blocks in Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Induce healing on multiple levels
  • Reconnect with your Multidimensional self
  • Increase Synchronicities & Manifestation
  • Increase Intuition & Psychic potential
  • Access all your “Knowing” from past & future lives
  • Re-download the Original, un-corrupted Energetic blueprint

Client testimonials:

“…JP is a clear, open channel who easily receives these healing energies. I have  over 35 years experience in various healing modalities and trainings. By far, JP is  the best I’ve met to date! He also has an open, warm and sincere spirit and will  give you his very best every time. I have had healing sessions and the  RECONNECTION work with him. I feel confident and safe in his healing hands.” 

Kelli E., Ph.D., Sedona 

“I feel as if a great load has been lifted and I can begin to just be and continue on  my path. JP is a very caring Healer and his passion about this work is very  evident! Simply Awesome!!!!!”

Roseann P., Belleville PA

For additional information, please go to: or call JP 928-301-6298

Fees (VOC only)

Reconnective Healing Session:

30 minutes = $ 77

45 minutes = $ 111

60 minutes = $ 166

The personal Reconnection (includes two 60 minute sessions) = always $ 333

I only require a massage table & a rolling stool in the room. I would of course  prefer if appointments could be scheduled a day or more ahead of time but I can  also be on call and be available (usually within a couple of hours) for walk-ins  sessions from 1:00 pm till closing time on most weekdays and many weekends  (except as otherwise booked or days not available, which I will notify you of a  week in advance when possible).

Blessings & Thank you


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