10 Classes Pass for $90 and Unlimited monthly class pass for $120

Lots coming up. This is the final week for our current calendar and our new class schedule begins April 1:
Emerald Waves Calendar
Monday: Closed

10am Yoga
2pm Boot Camp
5pm Flamenco Dancing
6:15pm Yoga

7am Yearly bird Yoga
10am Roll Away Aches and Pains – Yoga with Balls & Wheels
12:30pm Yoga
3:30pm Pilates
5pm Meditation
6pm Whine Down Wednesday (BYOB)

10am Yoga
1pm Restorative Yoga

2:30pm A Course in Miracles Study Group

4:30pm Pilates
5:30pm Emotional Challenges Support Group

10am Boot Camp
11:30am Restorative Yoga
1pm Chair Yoga
2pm Meditation
4pm Kids Movement
5-6pm Feel the Wave Fridays – Free Healing Exchange/Breema Exchange

10am Yoga
1-3pm Drop in Reiki/Readings
3pm Yoga

3pm Special class (music, wine tastings, make & takes etc.) each week (check calendar)

Saturday April 13, 3-5pm

Bones for Life is a movement program based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais that uses the Feldenkrais tools of awareness and focused attention to affect beneficial, long-term change. … Current studies posit that the ability to move and to fall safely has more impact on the health of bones than bone density.

Healing and Energy Exchange/Drop ins – OPEN HOUSE (FREE)

Have questions? Curiosity or already enjoy alternative forms of healing? Or you a healer? Stop by Fridays 5-7pm and check out what we do and can offer. Come in for information, to receive healing such as Reiki, you can give energy or just hang with us.

Now available:

Hempworx https://www.hempworx.com/docborg98

The Night’s Raven – wearable art made from wire and stones. Each piece is unique from raw to polished. Custom pieces made with customers own stones or requests for specific stones. Also a collection of charm bottles, cat ears, cellphone charms and crystals. https://www.facebook.com/events/634923770361505/

Karmic Beads & Gems – crystals, minerals, stones for crystal grids, and lots of pendants & other goodies related to rocks too.

Sunday May 19 at 3pm Sound Journey with Project Manifest:

Increase your vibration levels with the intensity of sound. Gongs, singing bowls and many more instruments will be used by Jade and Neil.


Third Sunday of every month, Project Manifest will perform at Emerald Waves

Sip and Shop Wine Tasting TBD

Emerald Waves is hosting a wine tasting/buying event! Our wine guide, Christine Dargon with Traveling Vineyards, will be bringing some amazing new wines! We will be sampling 5 wines they have made exclusively from harvested grapes around the world, food pairing, learning some fun cool things about these wines and why they don’t give most people hangovers or allergic reactions and more!


1. BE ON TIME. We are pouring the first wine at 5:00 pm SHARP and if you miss the first wine you have to wait until the end to taste ANY of them.

2. We are limited to 18 wine buying supportive guests so be sure to RSVP right away to reserve your glass. The first 18 to RSVP ‘yes’ will be guaranteed a seat. If we fill up fast, I will have a cancellation list going in case a spot opens up.

3. No one under 21 is permitted. So PLEASE get a babysitter for the evening as alcohol regulations state this is non negotiable.

If you would like to talk to contact Martika for questions about the wines or having your own event: martikacabezas@yahoo.com You can also check out her website: wineguide.life/findthewineyoulove


Second Monday of every month 7pm

Third Thursdays of every month at 3pm

First Saturday or every month at 11:10am and some Saturdays at 12pm

Plus Saturday January 19, February 2 and February 16 at 12pm

Drumming TBA – will be either on the Full or New Moons

Come drum with us. Celebrate life, music and more. You do not need to know what you are doing or even have a drum. Just come and have fun.