Emerald Waves offers regular classes each week. We are also always looking to hear from you and will add classes if requested. Classes are $10 please.


Qigong 6pm

Herbals Health Hour or Naked Soul at 7pm


Yoga at 10am & 6:15pm


Yoga 1pm

Open Reiki and Tarot card readings 2-6pm

Meditation 6pm


Yoga 10am & 6:30pm


Qigong 10am

Kids Yoga 11:30am (starting October 5)

Open House/Healing Exchanges (FREE) 5-7pm


Yoga 10am

Emerald Waves Monthly Calendar


Tuesdays  10am & NOW 6pm

Wednesdays at 1pm

Thursdays 10am & NOW at 6pm

Friday 11:30am

Saturdays 10am



Mondays at 6pm

Fridays at 10am



Thursdays 5:30pm resuming later in August if there are people pre-registered. So contact EW to let them know you will be attending.


Learning to meditate – easier ways

Weekly meditation for grounding and relaxation in order to leave the stressors of everyday life behind. Tap into your super powers, higher energies, intuitions and personal power.  This class is really only for cool people. Not for the timid.

Learn techniques to meditate even walking, driving etc.

Wednesdays at 6pm


Healing and Energy Exchange/Drop ins – OPEN HOUSE (FREE)

Have questions? Curiosity or already enjoy alternative forms of healing? Or you a healer? Stop by Fridays 5-7pm and check out what we do and can offer. Come in for information, to receive healing such as Reiki, you can give energy or just hang with us.


Herbal Health Hour (See Special events page)

Every other Monday at 7pm starting September 10 – Donations appreciated


Naked Soul group

Every other Monday at 7pm starting September 17.

BE REAL! A raw, open and honest group. Talk about Taboo topics or things you just feel awkward asking others. Exercises will also be used to facilitate meetings and discussion. If you are easily offended than this might not be the group for you. This will be a place of full honesty, support and no judgement – Donations appreciated.