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Full schedule of classes:

Emerald Waves New Services/Weekly Schedule:
10 Classes Pass for $90 and Unlimited monthly class pass for $99
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8am yoga with Beth

6:30pm Yoga Kaiut with Wade

10am Yoga
11am Yoga Shred (Yoga + HIIT)
12pm Yin Yoga
1pm Self-Breema (being more connected to the self)

2pm Yoga Nidra
6:30pm Yoga with Katie

8am Yearly bird Yoga with Beth
9am Yogilates
10am Roll Away Aches and Pains – Yoga with Balls & Wheels
11am Yin Yoga

12pm Self-Breema

1pm Tarot & Oracle card class and share

6:30pm Yoga Kaiut with Wade

9am Yogilates
10am Yoga
11am Self-Breema

12pm Yoga Shred
1pm Chakra Balancing (7 week series)

6:30pm Yoga with Katie


9am Chakra Balancing (7 week series)

10am Yin Yoga
11am Yogilates

12pm Restorative Yoga
1pm Yin Yoga

10am Yoga
11am-2pm Drop in Reiki/Readings plus Reiki Share

Sundays: CLOSED

What is Yoga Shred besides AWESOME:
Yoga Shreds are:
• A metabolism-boosting combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga that promotes faster total body transformation in less time.
• Empowering, fun, and brings in the fierce, warrior “yang” energy to a very “yin” practice.
• More effective: Science tells us it’s not how long you work out – it’s how intensely. Shorter bursts of more intense exercise will get you results of a much longer workout in just a few minutes.
• Boost your existing style: Shreds are added to any style to cross-train them, busting plateaus.
• Just 1-3 rounds of 4 Minute Shreds can burn as many calories, strengthen and cardio optimize students more than working out for hours a week! We work “Smarter… not
• Better fat-burning, cardio optimization and fast-twitch muscle activation/definition than yoga alone. We call this Holistic Fitness.
• Many Yoga Shred® poses are built from yoga poses in great alignment for safer joints within a stronger practice.
• Backed by science and anatomically correct movement mechanics to keep your body safer and healthier
Check it out at Emerald Waves:
Tuesdays 11am 1 hour class
Thursday 12pm 1 hour class



* Biomagnetic Therapy
* Ultrasonic Facial Skin Lifting
* 7 Color Lights LED Photon Therapy Mask Facial Mask For Anti-aging Acne Treatment
*Cold/Hot Facial Skin Rejuvenation Firm Vibration Massager
* Face Lifting Fractional RF EMS Anti-Aging LED Photon Therapy Beauty Care
*High Frequency Skin Care Acne Violet Ray Facial Machine Wrinkle Beauty Device

Emerald Waves Announces new Spa Treatments:
Why go to Sedona or pay too much when we offer:
Ultrasonic Facial Skin Lifting
7 Color Lights LED Photon Therapy Mask/Facial Mask For Anti-aging, Acne Treatment
Cold/Hot Facial Skin Rejuvenation Firm Vibration Massager
Face Lifting Fractional RF EMS Anti-Aging LED Photon Therapy Beauty Care
Contact us for more information and to schedule your session. Starting as low as $15.

Once each month  Sound Journey with Project Manifest:

Increase your vibration levels with the intensity of sound. Gongs, singing bowls and many more instruments will be used by Jade and Neil.


Sip and Shop Wine Tasting TBA

Emerald Waves is hosting a wine tasting/buying event! Our wine guide, Christine Dargon with Traveling Vineyards, will be bringing some amazing new wines! We will be sampling 5 wines they have made exclusively from harvested grapes around the world, food pairing, learning some fun cool things about these wines and why they don’t give most people hangovers or allergic reactions and more!


1. BE ON TIME. We are pouring the first wine at 5:00 pm SHARP and if you miss the first wine you have to wait until the end to taste ANY of them.

2. We are limited to 18 wine buying supportive guests so be sure to RSVP right away to reserve your glass. The first 18 to RSVP ‘yes’ will be guaranteed a seat. If we fill up fast, I will have a cancellation list going in case a spot opens up.

3. No one under 21 is permitted. So PLEASE get a babysitter for the evening as alcohol regulations state this is non negotiable.

If you would like to talk to contact Martika for questions about the wines or having your own event: martikacabezas@yahoo.com You can also check out her website: wineguide.life/findthewineyoulove