Red Light Lipo & Cavitation / RF Body Sculpt

We offer Red Lipo Light, Cavitation & RF separately or together for best results.
After each session there is a free Whole Body Vibration & Red Light Therapy Session (unless class time special is used, then it is at instructor/ staff availability)

4D FAT LOSS Cavitation/Red Lipo Light/RF/Lipo Vaccum Together for Best Results $110 per session 3 get 1 free (4 for $330) Buy 4 get 2 free (6 for $440) Buy 5 Get 3 Free (8 for $550) Buy 7 Get 5 Free (12 for $770) (~Best pricing in the area!

Red Light Only $45 per session buy 3 get 1 free (4 for $135) Buy 4 get 2 free (6 for $180)
Cavitation & RF Only $70 per session buy 3 get 1 free (4 for $210) Buy 4 get 2 free (6 for $280)

4D fat reduction is a combination package procedure that encompasses four different treatments all targeted in removing fat the same way liposuction can but without the surgery. Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure, involving small incisions in which a tube is inserted into a fatty area. The fat is then sucked out through the tube, resulting in the permanent reduction of those fat cells. Liposuction can be used on large areas where there are significant fat deposits and may be effective after just one procedure. Since liposuction is a surgery, there is some recovery time with swelling, pain and a risk of infection.

Non-surgical liposuction, or lipo cavitation, generally has less-to-no recovery time as surgical liposuction but it isn’t as effective on large areas of fat when done at one time. Larger or multiple areas can, however be done in phases as the body is naturally processing the fat cells whose contents are expelled as fatty acids or killed off. Its use should be limited to smaller, stubborn areas that remain after an adequate diet and exercise program, or to patients who cannot or choose not to undergo surgery. In order to be fully effective, multiple treatments may be required.

This treatment uses a combination of radio frequency, lipo laser, lipo vacuum, and ultrasonic lipo cavitation.

Cavitation – RF acts on all localized fat, even fat deposits in the most difficult and stubborn areas, offering visible, measurable results for both men and women – regardless of age. Cavitation ultrasound waves are beamed onto the skin, where they specifically target fat and cellulite and transmit powerful sound energy pulses to the your specific areas, causing selective damage to the membrane of fat cells (adipose tissue) and eventually leading them to die (apoptosis).
After fat is broken down, dead fat cells and fat material is cleared away naturally via lymph circulation. The innovative Cavitation – RF platform delivers Radio Frequency (energy heat) to the dermis, promoting skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in increased metabolism, cell activity and faster fat burning. In the final stage, Vacuum massage is performed to improve oxygenated blood flow and accelerate lymphatic flow and drainage.

Lipo Light: LED energy safely penetrates the patient’s skin at a specific wavelength (635 nm & 880 nm) targeted for adipose (fat) cells.
Adipose cells are permeated releasing free fatty acids (FFA’s), water and glycerol.

The Trim Sculpt (lipo light) system uses red light and is designed to target the medical and aesthetic market.
Trim Sculpt Only: $45 per session buy 3 get 1 free (4 for $135) Buy 4 get 2 free (6 for $180)
Specifically to address spot fat reduction or inch loss and body contouring in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle program.
How It Works
LED energy safely penetrates the patient’s skin at a specific wavelength (635 nm & 880 nm) targeted for adipose (fat) cells.
Adipose cells are permeated releasing free fatty acids (FFA’s), water and glycerol. Together these compounds are also known as triglycerides. Triglycerides are normally released from fat cells when the body needs energy.
Once released the glycerol and free fatty acids are used by the body as an energy source.
Adipose cells “shrink” significantly resulting in inch loss for patients.Fast inch loss is possible with a proper diet of reduced fat and carb intake. The lymphatic system then eliminates it. You can see a loss of 1 or 2 dress sizes in a 12 treatment process. Drinking lots of water is important to help flush the fat cell release. You just wrap the pad or pads around the desired area where you want to lose fat cells and inches and run your session for 10 to 20 minutes. Your body will automatically dispose of the fat cells that are broken down through your lymphatic system.
Many people have also reported less joint and back pain and muscle inflammation, boosting metabolism as your skeletal muscles are activated. There are over 1,000 published reports that support whole body health benefits such as improved endurance, tightening of skin tone, better bone density, lower blood pressure and many more benefits on the lists in the reports.

We have a class & sculpting discount if you do your lipo light session directly BEFORE DURING or AFTER class it is only $15 for pass holders/ $20 for non pass holders! Red Light/WBV is normally complimentary after this service, with the class & sculpt discount it is available at instructor/ staff availability or if client is coming to scheduled class as well they may waive the red light/wbv and attend class for lymphatic movement & extra calorie burn.

Infra-Slim Heat & Pressure Suit

Studies show that infrared heat quickly and painlessly penetrates the body and heats from the inside out. This process shows that when fat cells are heated they will expand, causing them to temporarily open and expel fat and toxins. This process is known as lipolysis. When the fat cells empty they shrink, thus leaving a flatter waist, tummy, thighs, buttocks and arms.
This process, combined with the pressure therapy, helps move the fat into the lymphatic system and to the liver, where it is metabolized by the body and discharged via bowel movements, perspiration, urine, and other forms of detoxification.
The pressure is designed to simulate a massage that reaches below the surface of the skin. In infrared pressure therapy each cuff of the suit will fill with air, sending a light pressure and increasing circulation to all areas of the body. This system of compression and decompression duplicates the action of massage.
Studies have shown that a reduction of 1-3 inches in the waistline is possible in as little as 1 to 2 sessions, and as much as 4-5 inches overall in 4 sessions. All inches lost will be fat lost as shown on the body composition scale.Participants also report a noticeable reduction in pain, an increase in energy and a general feeling of wellness.

Lost 1.2 pounds of fat in just one treatment Waist Before 37.5″ After 36.25″ You will see results after each treatment

$75 Buy 3 sessions get 1 free. Members get 10% off single sessions.