Dr. Christine Dargon

Owner, Coach, Yoga Instructor, Ztyo Scan Analyst, Meditation Guide, Reiki II practitioner,

Breema Body-work Student and Empath

Our Approach

Dr. Christine Dargon received her doctoral degree in counseling psychology in 1999. After spending over 20 years working in the mental health field, she was frustrated with the increasing use of medications and the lessening or recommending alternative approaches to helping people first. The pharmaceutical industry has a tight hold on society and people, including children are often easily given prescriptions for medications many of which we do not know the long term effects or the effects of developing children.

As a result of this and other frustrations, she disconnected from the mental health field and for years now has been coaching/counseling clients, working as a professor for two universities and traveling all over North America training professionals, parents and care takers ways to help people by other means first rather than jumping right to medication. Often issues can be improved without medication.

This is the foundation for Emerald Waves. The goal is to provide affordable services to help people improve their lives, feel better, reduce stress and even just put a smile on your face. The goal is also to do so economically enabling most people to access these services rather than the few.

As a result of this passionate pursuit, Dr. Dargon offers coaching/counseling (certified life, career etc coach), guided meditation, sand tray practicing, yoga (certified yoga instructor), Breema body work (in the process of obtaining certification), Kansa (Ayurvedic) wand massage, needleless acupuncture, Crystal Healing and uses such techniques with children as well.

Our Story

Last fall I had been talking to a friend about my frustrations and her extensive work in the area of utilizing essential oils for medical purposes. We talked about how great it would be to open a center, outside of Sedona, to offer such opportunities to the community.

The end of November 2017, a friend informed me that a space on the main street in town was up for rent. I contacted some friends and everything started to fall into place. Within 28 hours the lease was signed and Emerald Waves Began.

People often ask where the name came from or what inspired it. Growing up, my family traveled every year to a place called Emerald Isle, NC. As I got older I often went 2, 3 and even 4 times a year to this beautiful serene spot. This was my happily place. Sitting on the beach and listening to the waves could bring me such peace but also stir up emotions that were longing to be addressed. When I realized this, and the fact that Emeralds have healing properties and waves have many significant meanings, the name just came together.

So welcome to Emerald Waves. This is my happy place in AZ and I hope that it will become yours as well.

Meet Emerald Waves Team

With a wide variety of gifts, talents and skills, the team at Emerald Waves can provide virtually all services. We also want you to have that personal touch, sometimes literally, and get to know the people with whom you will be working. Please continue to scroll down to meet all of the practitioners and the services that they each offer.

Thank you


amethyst 2

Amethyst Sattva

Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Intuitive, Empath and an Energy healing facilitator, Specializing in Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teaching. She’s an Integrative Herbalist,  Health Coach, Yogini, Artist and Writer. Amethyst, also gives Intuitive Card readings and Spiritual Life Coaching. Amethyst realized her gifts early in life beginning with an out of body experience and an interest in traditional herbal medicine from 11 years old.  She was raised in New York City and has lived in Mt. Shasta, CA. before residing in Rimrock, Arizona.



Elizabeth Chambers

Intuitive, Empath, Energy Healer, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Herbalist

Elizabeth was born with her gifts and has walked a Shamanic path all of her life. She is in/as a certified: Reiki Master, Tarot-Angel Readings, Hypnosis, Energy healing, Past Life Readings, Psychic, Medium, Guided Meditations, Children’s Spirituality, Minister, Home Clearings and Blessings, Dream Interpretation, Animal Whisperer, Animal Healing and Shaman.

She worked for years at the

Center for New Age in Sedona and brought spirituality into

fruition for many years in

Colorado and Wyoming.


Charli Louise

Numerologist, Astrologist and Tarot card reader

Charli is a Numerologist, Astrologist and Tarot card reader. She has found that these forms of readings can help change people’s lives. She has been actively reading for over thirty years and is an empath & intuitive which further enhances her readings. She has lived in Seattle, Oregon and the Rocky Mountains but she has been in Arizona since 1985. She can also do chakra and energy healing. During her 20’s, Charli began to study astrology which blossomed into Tarot and numerology as well. Currently she is exploring the interesting world of oracle cards. Charli also uses I-Ching, the usage of coins for readings.  She studied with Vicki Noble, who is an author and Shaman. Vicki created the Mother Peace Tarot Deck. For Charli’s readings, she needs some preliminary information in order to prepare and than will use Tarot, Numerology and Astrology in order to give the most in depth reading as possible.


Sandy Clifton-Barnes

QiGong Instructor, Acutonics

Angela Blissbridge

Astrologer, Ceremony Facilitator, Artist

Angela has studied esoteric philosophies for over 20 years and weaves this ancient wisdom into her life, into her approach to astrology, healing work, ceremony design, and into her artwork.  She seeks to heal the world through creative and mystical expressions. Each modality of her work encompasses an underlying theme of tapping into deeper levels of consciousness and to other worlds. She channels wisdom based on the cosmic-patterns and oracles to empower her clients to find how to thrive. Her artwork is infused with sacred and ancient imagery designed to subtly connect people to realms that offer this healing light.  Despite pursuing art and music passionately until college, she took the ‘traditional’ routes to education and careers in science and accounting. To survive her soul-detours, Angela buoyed herself in studies and practices of Taoism, metaphysics, yoga, meditation, ancient cultures and ultimately to deeper levels of astrology.  She has a  passion for the natural world and indigenous earth-based cultures and traditions and enjoys living in Northern Arizona surrounded by that energy.

She has a masters education in ecology (science) and is a retired California CPA (accounting).  Angela’s sacred-geometry-symbolism-oriented artwork sells globally and at Emerald Waves.  She has studied and practiced astrology for many years with emphasis in evolutionary and shamanic forms.  She is working on an advanced certification in evolutionary astrology with world-renowned Maurice Fernandez.

She is also Reiki III certified and is an energy healer with geobiology training.

Angela offers soul-path well-being astrological readings on topics including your birth blue-print and soul direction, how to navigate the current cosmic-weather, how to tap into empowerment rituals linked to the stars, synastry with a significant other and even how to tap into career development.  She does dream analysis and energy healing work (Reiki, crystals and copper-gold wrapped tools).  She is developing workshops and courses designed to give all levels of experience a new layer on astrology from a well-being perspective.



Cheryl Sourdif

Reiki Master, Certified Herbalist

Cheryl is a Certified Herbalist and Reiki Master Teacher. She offers herbal classes, herb identification and use walks to demonstrate her teachings. She also offers classes on tinctures and makes salves plus anything to do with herbs. Cheryl teaches Reiki classes, holds Reiki services, Aura cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Tarot and Rune Reading. She is available to help you stop unwanted behaviors and habits.


Niccole D'Adamo2

Niccole D’Adamo

Zumba Instructor

Aloha! Niccole is so happy to be a part of this little family! She grew up here in Rimrock/Lake Montezuma after her family moved from Hawaii in 1991. Niccole now lives in the Village of Oak Creek with her husband of 11 years and their 2 sons. She began dance classes at the age of 7 and her love for it grew over her lifetime. At age 10, Niccole began Hawaiian and Polynesian dancing with a local Halau. Her troupe performed all over the Verde Valley, Flagstaff and Phoenix. In 2011, Niccole began her Zumba journey. It took her almost a year to get the courage up to become a licensed instructor. She had a lot of support and people who believed in her, so she went for it! She is so glad she made that jump because she has met so many amazing people and had so many wonderful experiences. Niccole has been teaching Zumba for 6 years and she is so excited to see what the future holds. Let’s party!!!


Additional Team Members

In addition to the core Team Members we have practitioners who offer:


Felt Making and Felt Art Classes

Animal Spirit Guidance


Essential Oil Consultation

Hiking Companions

Vortex Tours

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